Here we have Undina. She is a 1956 Philip Rhodes design, built by Abeking & Rasmussen, Germany. She came to us for some major planking rot, with electrolytic rot throughout her bilges including frame ends and floors.

We stripped her interior out carefully, so as to keep it in good condition for refitting. Followed by removing 4/5 boards each side above the garboard, then scarphing new timber ends in, new oak floors all through, all with bronze fastenings. We then replanked what we had removed, epoxy tight seamed the boards and glued them in place. After refaring the bottom we then used a thin epoxy based primer which soaks right into the planking to harden it up and give a good base for antifoulings.

On the topsides, there was minimal rot so the softness we did find we put a new section of planking in, and refaired it and changed the colour from the dark blue she came to us with, to white, the same colour she was when built.

Alongside this, we also removed all the fittings from her brightwork and stripped the varnish to bare, re varnishing her to a high gloss finish.

This beautiful yacht is now for sale, through Sandeman Yacht Company, along with her sister ship Josephine.