Spar Making

Wooden masts and spars can often be overlooked. Even when purchasing a boat if the mast is still up it may not always be possible to tell the true condition of the mast. More often than not boats come out of the water for their winter maintenance programme or her annual spruce up (varnish, painting etc) and the poor old mast is forgotten.

We can source the finest quality Sitka spruce and Douglas fir for mast and spar making. We can handle masts up to 60ft in length and carry out maintenance and repairs such as varnishing, checking rigging and mast bands, ensuring the track is not pulled away, servicing pullies and sheaves at top of mast and mast electrics. As well as checking that scarphs and glue joints haven’t failed. Broken and rotten masts can be fixed by scarphing new sections to existing good sections.


We can also build new masts and spars. We currently build new masts for the X One Design Class (XOD) which is highly measured and calibrated. We also have built masts for Cornish Shrimpers and Crabbers, dinghy spars. A new mizzen and repairing a mast for a 42ft Magruer Yawl and repairing a 40ft mast for a cutter and 39ft boom for 45ft gaff cutter.