Paul and Tim are both time served shipwrights. Having finished school they both attended Southampton Technical College where they achieved their City and Guilds Qualifications in Yacht and Boatbuilding and spent 4 years completing their apprenticeship under the watchful eye of Ken Latham of Latham’s Boatyard, Poole, Dorset.
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Their apprenticeship was of the old school where they did everything from sweeping the floor to making the tea and when the boss said jump they asked how high! However, they worked alongside experienced boat builders whose skill and knowledge was second to none and Paul and Tim have the skills and knowledge to show for this.

During their time, Lathams built a vast variety of craft from the X One Designs, to one off 40 and 50ft yachts (from the loft floor to launching), and even church roof restoration. Learning every aspect of boat building from fine yacht joinery to engine installation and moving boats via the traditional methods of grease and planks.

Following their apprenticeship they were employed by Ken as full time boat builders and worked with the company up until it closed in 2006 when Lathams Boatyard Ltd closed. After which Paul and Tim established Traditional Shipwright Services Ltd and continue to operate from the Lathams Boatyard site in Poole (map/contact).



As classic boat owners themselves, Paul and Tim enjoy nothing more than seeing an old wreck brought back to life and back on the water where she belongs, as they have both completed full restoration of their own boats Tilley (a Finesse 21, who has just been sold to be moved to the east coast) and Katrina (20ft Gaff Cutter, Pictured above).