Teak Deck

There is nothing finer than looking at a brand new or recently refurbished elegant swept teak deck with varnished covering boards, margins and king planks with shining chrome fittings.


We are experienced in laying fine quality teak, Iroko, Piranha pine and yellow cedar decks in the traditional manner, on top of plywood or GRP subdecks. Decks laid on plywood or GRP are caulked with a flexible black deck caulking compound, which is sanded f
lush with the deck this is not only aesthetically pleasing but has the added practicality of increased grip. Traditional decks are caulked with cotton and payed with either pitch or a flexible deck caulking compound.

Planking ends are cut into king planks and margin boards which along with covering boards are varnished with up to 8 coats of single or two pack varnish.

Refurbishment of decks can be undertaken. Worn out decks don’t always need to be replaced. They can often be given a new lease of life giving you additional years of service by simple restoration work such as routing out seams, re-caulking, sanding smooth and varnishing covering boards and margin boards